Spring 2019 Workshops


Spring 2019 Workshops

Are you feeling like you’re at an edge … a place of growth and evolution? 

Are you sensing that there’s untapped potential in you or your team?

Looking for opportunities to learn new things with new people?

Join me and other like-minded individuals as we explore life and leadership at the edges in my first-ever public workshops. I’m excited to bring together people from a variety of organizations to share experiences that will shift perspectives, build skills, and activate forward motion in these three key areas:

  • Growing People - SOLD OUT!

  • Building Trust - SOLD OUT!

  • Thriving in Change and Ambiguity - SOLD OUT!

I’m keeping the groups small so that we can actively engage together to explore these practices and how they can work for each person.  

Choose the half-day workshop that’s most exciting for you.  Attend one or both!

If you register for more than 5 seats (in any combination of workshops) the cost is $425 per person. Please use the code FIVEORMORE.

For the nonprofit rate of $250 per person, use the code NONPROF.

Building Trust: Tuesday, March 5 8:30-12:00
450.00 500.00

Enhance your ability to create the meaningful connections that deepen relationships and generate trust with this straight-forward approach to connecting with others.

Thriving in Ambiguity: Thursday, April 4 8:30-12:00
400.00 500.00

Increase your ability to understand and thrive in complexity with this simple framework that deepens your understanding of different kinds of situations and how you can respond to them productively.