People Like You

Each Engaged Leadership Forum is designed for a small cohort of people to create space for interaction, learning and ongoing relationships. It will include:

  • New CEOs, directors, and managers, or those with growing responsibilities for leading teams
  • CEOs, directors, and managers in rapidly growing organizations whose responsibilities are changing
  • Organizational Development professionals adding leadership programs to their portfolio
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs who are the talent and organizational development leads at their companies
  • Individuals or Groups of change agents trying to expand the culture of leadership within their organizations
  •  Anyone who feels stuck in their current role and is looking to shift their perspectives on leadership
…a no bullshit, straight-talk perspective to the unique responsibility of leadership – with compelling real-life stories and a clear pathway to guide the very human leader in all of us.
— Dean Carter, Head of Finance, HR and Leal, Patagonia


If you …

  • Suspect there’s more to this leadership stuff than scanning the latest fad
  • Know that there is more work to be done to be the leader you hope to be
  • Get that there is a difference between leadership and management
  • Just need a couple of days away to focus on leadership….meet some great people…and rejuvenate by the beach

You’re in the right place!