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Engaged Leaders Forum

San Diego, November 1-3, 2017


Engaged Leaders Forum

San Diego, November 1-3, 2017

Leadership Isn't something you do; it's someone you are

Join us for the two (plus!) day Engaged Leaders Forum in San Diego to take a deep dive into the seven practices to unleash outrageous leadership potential.

There are many great leadership guides out there. Imagine reading (or listening to) one of them alongside like-minded leaders – with the author facilitating the conversations!

Based on Leslie Peters' hit book, Finding Time to Lead, the Engaged Leaders Forum connects the perspectives, tools, and practices discussed in the book with the wisdom, ideas, needs and intentions of YOU and people like you.

(Finding Time To Lead is) an essential field guide for any leader who seeks to be both successful and truly human.
— Sara Hanah, Managing Partner, BW Leadership Institute

Who Attends

Engaged Leaders Forum, San Diego, November 1-3, 2017



Who Attends

Engaged Leaders Forum, San Diego, November 1-3, 2017



People Like You

Each Engaged Leadership Forum is designed for a small cohort of people to create space for interaction, learning and ongoing relationships. It will include:

  • New CEOs, directors, and managers, or those with growing responsibilities for leading teams
  • CEOs, directors, and managers in rapidly growing organizations whose responsibilities are changing
  • Organizational Development professionals adding leadership programs to their portfolio
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs who are the talent and organizational development leads at their companies
  • Individuals or Groups of change agents trying to expand the culture of leadership within their organizations
  •  Anyone who feels stuck in their current role and is looking to shift their perspectives on leadership
…a no bullshit, straight-talk perspective to the unique responsibility of leadership – with compelling real-life stories and a clear pathway to guide the very human leader in all of us.
— Dean Carter, Head of Finance, HR and Leal, Patagonia


If you …

  • Suspect there’s more to this leadership stuff than scanning the latest fad
  • Know that there is more work to be done to be the leader you hope to be
  • Get that there is a difference between leadership and management
  • Just need a couple of days away to focus on leadership….meet some great people…and rejuvenate by the beach

You’re in the right place!



    Engaged Leaders Forum, San Diego, November 1-3, 2017


    Engaged Leaders Forum, San Diego, November 1-3, 2017

    ..practical tools for people who are passionate about becoming the kind of leader they aspire to be – no matter where they are in the org. chart.
    — John Lipsey, VP of Corporate Communications, Flexera


    Day 1: 6:00pm – 9:00pm

    • Welcome Reception and Dinner
    • EMBARK: Three Shifts of Leadership, Setting Intentions. Reflection: “Who do I want to be as a leader?”

    Day 2: 9:00am – 4:30pm

    • Continental Breakfast
    • EXPLORE: Listening, Personal Story and Values
    • Lunch
    • EXPAND: Embrace Disequilibrium, The Tension of Opposites, Ask, "What if?"
    • ENGAGE: Lead for Commitment, Engaged Leadership, Advocacy and Inquiry
    • Happy Hour Fun & Games
    • Dinner on your own

    Day 3: 8:30am - 3:00pm

    • Continental Breakfast
    • ENCOURAGE: Hero’s Journey and the Role of the Mentor, Come From Place
    • Lunch
    • EVOLVE: Reflection, "What was that and what will I do with it?"
    • EXTEND: Believe in Yourself, Do the Work, and Tools to Take With You (and share!)
    • Wrap Up
    • Closing Reception



    With practice and the support of some dynamic people, we’ll create the kind of transformational change that truly unleashes outrageous potential. Specifically, participants in the Engaged Leaders Forum will get:

    • A deep dive into theories, perspectives and experiences that make up the Seven Practices
    • Guided practices in the tools and activities that will start making leadership part of your everyday life
    • Conversations with others developing their personal leadership practice
    • Connections with people in similar fields and situations who can help support and hold you accountable in your journey


    Bahia Resort & Hotel, Mission Bay, San Diego 

    All activities will be held at the Bahia Resort on beautiful Mission Bay in San Diego. Expect a bay view meeting room, lunch strolls on the boardwalk, breakouts on the beach - and three days in one of the the most picture-perfect beach communities in San Diego.

    Room rates start at $159 per night (and have been made available before and after the Forum for anyone wanting to make it a San Diego holiday!)

    All participants are strongly encouraged to stay at the Bahia (SD Locals too!) to take full advantage of the inspiring setting and opportunities to get to know other participants.


    San Diego International Airport (SAN) is about a 10-minute drive to the Bahia Resort on Mission Bay.  

    All Forum activities will take place at the Bahia Hotel.

    There are numerous restaurants, activities and attractions within walking distance or a short drive. 

    If you do rent a car, parking is free to guests of the Bahia.