Over the course of the last two weeks I have had the privilege of participating in and witnessing a number of powerful gatherings…people finding themselves in the same place at the same time having real conversations and real human experiences together. 

And I realized (again) how often I take for granted the magic that is created when humans come together.  I forgot how the connections between each individual creates its own relationship among the whole.  And I forgot how profoundly we are nourished by these experiences. 

Today I remembered. 

I remembered the love among strangers that was created in my daughter-in-law’s hospital room in San Francisco.  I felt again the healing and compassionate energy that surrounded her.

I remembered the heartfelt sense of belonging that was created between my daughter and the faculty who interviewed her at Loyola University in Chicago.  I recall witnessing the undeniably electric feeling in her heart when she realized that that’s where she belongs for the next four years.  

I remembered my workshop on Wednesday… a full morning of engagement and interaction between human beings who program software, manage financial transactions, coach teachers, lead human resources and coordinate arts programming.  I smile when I think of how the group created a unique and wonderful energy among them that I believe will continue to lift each one individually.

And another workshop on Saturday, when a remarkable group of women came together to name and give power to their own inner truth, creating the kinds of deep connections and heartfelt support that allows for the best in us to come forward and make itself known in the world.

And I am reminded of aspen trees.  Every individual tree in an aspen grove grows out of a single network of roots.  Each tree is a unique individual and each tree is linked to a collection of roots that binds them together. That single network of roots nourishes each tree – enabling it to survive and to grow. 

And I remember that human beings are the same... each of us is a unique individual and each of us is part of a single root system that connects us and that enables us to survive and to grow.  Tapping into that root system, glimpsing the connections between us, is an incredible source of strength, comfort and courage. 

And I remember to be grateful.

May this be a reminder to us all to take a minute and marvel at what’s possible when human beings come together.