Thanks for your interest in the Engaged Leaders Forum in San Diego November 1-3!

Because of the personal nature of this experience, we intentionally keep the number of participants low.  We’re looking for people who will really show up – for themselves and others.

This is where our “no bullshit, straight talk” approach kicks in!

Before starting our two-step registration process, take a minute to ponder what you are looking for in this program.

If you…

  • Think you need time management training
  • Are looking for a magic wand that will suddenly make you a great leader
  • Have no intention of taking responsibility for yourself and your actions
  • Aren’t interested in contributing to others’ growth

You’re probably not in the right place. 

If you …

  • Suspect there’s more to this leadership stuff than scanning the latest fad
  • Get that there is a difference between leadership and management
  • Know that there is more work to be done to be the leader you hope to be
  • Want to recharge with two days in San Diego having great conversation with great people…

You’re in the right place!

Ready to EMBARK?

Please complete the following.  We will review the information and respond within three business days.

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I see a gap between where I am and where I want to be as a leader. *
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Need more time or more information before applying?  Click here to go back to the Forum Overview, or send and email to and let's talk!