I recently got back from our summer vacation in Michigan.  We’ve gone up there the past few years to visit friends and this year, we decided to visit some local breweries.  My favorite thing to order at a local brewery is a flight of beer.  A flight of beer is a small sampling of usually 4-5 beers and because it’s just a sample, I’ll try just about anything.

Craft beer seems to have exploded in recent years.  Visit any local establishment and you’ll usually find a Stout, a Porter, a Pale Ale, an IPA, a wheat or a cider.  My favorite thing about visiting local breweries when I’m traveling is trying the unique flavors.  For example, when I was visiting Founders in Grand Rapids, I tried their Green Zebra.  It’s a Gose Style Ale brewed with watermelon and sea salt.  It was delicious!  At The Mitten Brewing Company I tried Mango Gold, a wheat ale made with real mango! 

There is one type of beer that I’ve tried numerous times that I do not care for.  I take one smell and I know exactly what kind it is, I’ll take a small sip and shake my head.  Nope.  Still don’t like it.     

It’s the IPA.

You might be wondering:  Is she inviting me to a happy hour?  Is she opening a brewery?

Happy Hour?  Perhaps. 
Open a brewery?  No. 

As I sat at the different breweries and watched nearly everyone sample many different flavors of beer, I thought how our world might look if we treated people how we treat those little glasses of beer.

I was encouraged to try new things.
No one was upset with me for not choosing an IPA.
No one protested my choices.
No one told me I was wrong.
I didn't have to tell anyone else what they should or shouldn't order.
Everyone was enjoying themselves.

I was allowed to just be.  And I let other people be.

Imagine if we were all allowed to do that in every aspect of our life.