Imagine taking a photograph with your phone.

You can see only what’s in the boundary of the camera’s lens. You can zoom in and get closer to the details, but you can’t get a broader view than what’s allowed by the frame.

Now imagine physically turning the camera to “panorama” view. Your perspective shifts!

In my experience, great leaders have gone through three big shifts in perspective and action. If you can understand these shifts and begin to integrate them into how you operate as a leader, you can vastly accelerate your own journey toward great leadership.

“Leadership is physically shifting the lens from showing a small photo to seeing the panoramic view.”

The three big shifts that happen for great leaders are:

  • From doing to being
  • From knowing to understanding
  • From reacting to responding

(Thanks to my friend and colleague Kimberly Schneider, MEd, JD, LPC who has allowed me to adapt these three shifts from her work!)

When you’re able to see more, you’re able to choose better about what to pay attention to. With that expanded view, you can step back and see more and different options.  And you can make more conscious choices.

Making these perspective shifts will simply and radically change what you’re already doing.

And, right there is the big secret about leadership and why you don’t have to make time for it:

Leadership is not a separate thing. It is part of everything you already do.

So, congratulations!  Wherever you are on your leadership journey, you’ve already taken the first step!

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