No, this is not a script for a new summer horror flick.

Scarier!  Asking for help.

Isn’t it amazing how often asking for help strikes mortal fear in even the most enlightened leader? What is that fear all about? Has anyone ever actually been fired for asking for help?

We get patted on the back and given “outstanding team member” ratings and awards when someone catches us helping someone else.  We place a huge premium on collaboration.

But, what about recognizing the people who ask for help?

When you are stuck...

When you need an extra set of eyes or hands or an idea to make your solution stronger...

Is it really that scary to ask someone for an assist when you are clearly smart enough to know you need it?

Ride through the scary and just ask for help anyway.

And, encourage others to ask for help too.


The last time I asked for help on a project, was it easy or hard?

Did anyone think less of me, ding my performance, or question my abilities because I did not know the answer?

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