Our personal stories are shaped by many (many!)  factors – where we grew up, how many siblings we have, our ethnic or religious background and culture, our race and gender.  Things we may not even think of.  I happen to be 6’ tall.  Being a 6’ tall woman has shaped my experience in the world in significant ways.

The move from doing to being is the first and most important perspective shift leadership take in their personal practice. Critical to that shift, is exploring your own story – I call it “owning your own shit.”  But, its way more than taking personal responsibility.

“What we say and do is rooted in our “come from places” that reflect our history, our life experience, our mood in this moment, and attitude toward the situation.”

There are also moments – conversations and interactions we’ve had, things we’ve loved and things we’ve hated, turning points that changed our path, opportunities taken and lost, ideas that set us on fire – that made us who we are.  Those continue to influence how we think, act and interact.

Exploring our personal story is a way of bringing our unconscious reactions to the surface and building a strong connection to our best self. 

By exploring how we got to where we are, we can more readily own where we are and where we want to go.  We can decide what’s useful and what’s not.

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