This week, I was the beneficiary of a simple but powerful act of unexpected appreciation. I received, from someone I have not talked to in over a year, a brief thank you note for a minor role I played in helping with a project two years ago. I’d been following the project’s recent “next level” success, but am no longer personally involved.

The note was gracious, out-of-the blue, and specific. (It perfectly followed the formula for recognition messages we practice in our Leadership programs.)

It really whacked me upside the head. Really, moved me to the point of chills. Not only was the message gracious and deeply appreciated, it helped shine a happier light on a part of my life that has otherwise been pretty dark in memory. I never knew anyone noticed or cared about the part I played.

The incident put me in such a great mood and helped me sing through completing tasks that would, frankly, otherwise been a bit of a slog.

I don’t think the author had all those reactions in mind. He was likely just being polite.

See how much power even random acts of kindness and appreciation can bring?