How was your 4th of July weekend? Still holding on to some of that three-day weekend freshness? Do you even remember back to the 4th of July? Wait? What?! It’s the middle of July already!?

The days following a break are some of the best times to be aware of our pull towards busyness. All that good space can quickly get pushed aside as we dive back into the busy, busy world of our lives, cramming in more work to “make-up for” the time off.

We all need that space. Space for something new and urgent that pops up (deciding what is truly urgent is a whole other topic), space to keep our minds fresh, space to…just space out.

Why do we relegate free space to weekends and major holidays? What if we scheduled a little slack in the chain as part of each business day? An actual calendared part of the day for some slack.

If you’re not comfortable putting a blank space on your business day, how about creating space by changing up how you do one of your daily tasks?

  • Free write! Turn off the computer, email and phone for five minutes and free write the answer to a pressing challenge (Wait! That sounds suspiciously like journaling! Yep!)

  • Hold a Walking Meeting. For your next one-on-one, grab an apple or a drink and take the chat on the road.

  • Stare out the nearest window for a few minutes. Daydreaming is a good thing!

  • Get a Gadget. Keep an Etch-a-sketch, Rubik’s Cube or stack of pipe-cleaners at your desk. Something you can do with your hands. (Known Fact: using your hands – any physical activity, really – while processing information helps with cognition and retention.)

How do you create space in your day? Is there something you always wanted to try?  Share your ideas below.

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