“The (one) who pursues the mere attainable should be sentenced to get it… only through the unattainable does a man achieve a hope worth living and dying for – and so attain himself.”
– Eugene O’Neill

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”
– Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

After a week of frustration and anger and sadness at the repeating fundamental challenges of living in America – gun violence, racism, xenophobia…ahh!!! –   I’m taking a little inspiration from an American author* and an American icon.

Is intention or pursuit of a solution enough?
Is hope?
Or, is anger enough?
Or, compassion?

It’s a start, but probably not enough. Hope and compassion (and, yes, anger) are steps that can spark action – or at least get us through the fears inherent in taking a first step. They help get us past “what can I do about it?” and “why don’t they fix it?!”  – the fear that holds us back.

Actually fixing the unfixable challenges and reaching the (seemingly) attainable (you know, the things leaders do) takes an actual first step. More than just an intention, and actual step. Any step.

So, grab onto your compassion, dust off the anger and frustrations, pick up the tools you’ve got at hand, and start walking.

I’ll meet you on the stairs!

* Dig deeper, and you will find O’Neill is both celebrated and reviled for his own complicated history of trying explore racism and privilege. But, before the 80-plus years of evaluating his motives and methods – he did get the conversation started in the 1920s. Who knows how your efforts will be evaluated…or what sparks you’ll ignite!