I am not that woman gleefully balancing on the gym ball in the ab workout ads. I do not like to do core work. I’m just not consistent. I feel like no matter how many different exercises I do, that little soft squishy mommy belly is not going to go away. I want one exercise for the core to just take care of it.

True story: I was planking this morning and just stared at my little belly hanging there and in my head I thought, “Why can’t I do this just once and have it go away”? I’m mildly sore when it’s over. I’m constantly bargaining with myself out of doing it as I’m doing it. I don’t see the results as quickly as I’d like. It’s hard.

Just like leadership.

You can’t have just one conversation with someone and think the problem is going to be fixed.

You can’t break down a silo by simply saying, “we have silos”.

You can’t treat everyone the same because everyone isn’t the same.

You can’t take a class on listening or mindfulness and think you’re a master.

You can’t wave some imaginary magic wand a make everything better.

Leadership is hard.
Leadership requires ongoing, consistent work.
Leadership requires you to be flexible.
Leadership is ongoing.
Leadership is a practice.

So, I’ll keep at my core workout, as frustrating is it might be. I know it’s the practice – more than a magic exercise – that’s important. In the end – just like in my leadership practice – I know I’ll be stronger.

Back to crunches.