According to a Time Magazine counter (, since July 31, 2008 I have wasted:

25 days
10 hours
18 minutes

This article was written in January 2014 and at that time Facebook was 3,795 days old. I have belonged for 2,155 of them and posted 11, 096 times.

I’d like to say that I’m super surprised by that number, but I’d be lying.
I’m scrolling through at stoplights.
I’m scrolling through waiting for kids.
I’m scrolling through waiting in a waiting room.
I’m scrolling through waiting for a meeting to start.
I’m scrolling through at an airport.
I’m scrolling through waiting on the food to arrive.
I’m scrolling if I have a few seconds.  Anywhere.

My brain knows this isn’t the best use of my time. So, why do I go back every free second?

Facebook for me is all about making a connection. I love seeing what people I haven’t talked to in forever are doing and where they are. I love your cute kid pictures. I love your links to things that I wouldn’t normally come across. I love your funny videos. I love the silly little quizzes. I love the great quotes from Pinterest (The recipes? Not so much.).

On the surface, Facebook gives me a connection multiple times a day. I feel good. I’m in the know (and I like to be in the know). I smile. I laugh.

But it’s just that – on the surface. And, the irony of all of this, is I don’t approach life on the surface. I’m the one who may ask you a tough question before I even know you that well. I overshare about myself and my life because I know if I share something it usually makes everyone a little more comfortable to share something about themselves. I don’t make those connections because I’m looking for another really deep relationship with someone, I do it because I believe in my heart that we are all connected in some way and I want people who are in my circle in that moment to feel connected – and not just to me – but to each other.

While Facebook provides a small piece of that, they’ll never be able to replace that human connection.

So, in those 25 days, 10 hours and 18 minutes, what have I missed?

  • Countless split second moments with my kids.
  • Countless moments with my husband.
  • Countless moments with friends.
  • Countless times of saying “what?” because I wasn’t actually listening.
  • Countless miles of missing the view.
  • Countless opportunities to make eye contact with strangers so they feel seen at least once that day.
  • Countless opportunities to make an actual connection with a human being.
  • Countless opportunities to offer a kind word.

If you don’t see me on Facebook nearly as much, don’t worry – I’m still there. I’m just paying closer attention to the things that really matter in my life – the actual human beings – starting with my husband and children.

What are you missing by spending time on social media sites like Facebook?