Exciting news!  We’re at the NeuroLeadership Summit in San Francisco. My favorite comment (of many great comments) is: “Should instructional design perhaps shift from content delivery to creating space for insight?” We say YES!!!!

What’s exciting about that? That simple idea tracks completely with how we approach training!  Of course content is useful… but it is FAR MORE useful when it creates insight.

We’ve recently created a learning model that supported development of the leadership programs we’re facilitating at the Community Development Corporation of USBank.

We’re excited that it seems to track well with the NeuroLeadership research we’re learning about at the Summit. In other words… we’re teaching in the way that the brain learns! That maximizes impact and makes what we’re teaching “sticky” and productive, both for the individuals and the company.

Here’s how we’re thinking about it:

Awareness – “Hmmm… I hadn’t thought of that before…”

Curiosity – “I wonder what that could do for me – I’d like to learn more”

Information – present specific data, theories, ideas … content

Exploration – provide opportunities to work with the content – reflect and share with others

 Intention – “I will try using this in this way… I think it might produce this…”

Practice – actually trying the new behavior or perspective in your work or interactions

Reflection  – “Did this work for me?  Did it produce what I thought it would? Why or why not?”

Integration – “How can I make this part of what I do all the time?”  OR back to practice and reflection – “How can I rethink this to make it more useful for me?”