So we had planned a meeting, as we often do. We had planned every minute carefully and we thought we had considered every eventuality… except we hadn’t planned for a bus driver who didn’t know where he was going. I mean REALLY didn’t have any idea where he was going.

Turns out he was our “shuttle” bus driver – the person responsible for getting everyone from the event location to their cars about four miles away … at peak end-of-day traffic time, through construction just after the end of a baseball game… nothing quick about that.

I should tell you that I am the person who won’t leave her car with valet because when I want to go; I want to go. NO waiting. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves and I felt like I had just imposed it on 200 people.

As it turns out, there were probably four or five people who were truly bothered (as I would have been) about this slight inconvenience. The anxiety was all mine.

In reality, people were outside on a lovely day enjoying one another’s company. They weren’t necessarily waiting… and in the end, I wasn’t driving the bus.