Do you ever reflect on a meeting you just had and think of other things you could have said?

We had a client meeting today and that’s exactly what happened.

We were following up on a previous meeting about delegation where we had covered many of the nuts and bolts about the topic:

  • How do you decide what to delegate?

  • How do you decide who to delegate to?

  • What should you consider when communicating the delegated assignment?

  • How do you support an employee when delegating new assignments?

All things that are important to have clarity around.

But, I left that previous meeting feeling like something was missing.  And, there was.  While we did cover the nuts and bolts about delegating, we didn’t cover a pretty big piece of delegating – the human component.

You can have all the nuts and bolts you want, but at the end of the day if you don’t talk about the people you’re hoping to delegate to – those nuts and bolts don’t really matter.

Any time you’re dealing with humans and their emotions it can be risky and maybe even a little scary.  As a leader, your job is to make your employees feel safe.  To build them up.  To give them what they need to succeed.  I don’t believe that anyone wakes up in the morning wanting to do a bad job at work.

So, what would I say to the group if I could rewind my day?

Leadership is all about relationships.  Get to know your employees.  Ask them questions.  Show them care.  Be willing to share things about yourself.  Don’t be afraid to show them you are vulnerable.  It’s okay to tell them you don’t have the answers for everything.  Is it scary?  It can be.  But remember –

we’re all human.