“If you can’t get destination; go for direction.”  – Meg Wheatley

Ha! Isn’t that perfect for the many discussions we have all had about where we’re headed?! Do we really know what the destination is? Can we really know?

Besides… IF we ever got to our destination, we’d probably already have our eye on the next destination and not notice that we’ve arrived.

I think destination probably looks like the Griswalds in National Lampoon’s Vacation… they drove all the way across the country (enduring great adversity) to get to the Grand Canyon. Once they arrived at their destination, they got out of the car, looked down and said, “Okay, we’ve seen it!  Now let’s go.”

Maybe shared direction – agreeing on which way is North and agreeing to head that direction – is actually a better goal. Rather than settling for direction, perhaps we should strive for direction!

The fact that we can agree on direction means that we have the potential to agree to change our direction when it’s warranted, right? That’s the “nimble” organization that everyone is striving to be.

So I say, “If you can’t get DIRECTION, go for destination.”