Have you ever had a moment when you crossed paths with someone – often a complete stranger – and you suddenly felt like you glimpsed the inter-connectedness of everything and everyone?

If you haven’t; I’m sorry. They’re pretty cool.

I was once describing one of these moments to someone and she nodded knowingly and said, “Oh yeah, a thin space.”

A thin space?! I had to think about that a bit.

I guess if we think about our day to day lives, there are lots of things between us – hierarchies at work, physical distance, old habits or perceived slights, the rush of the day, opinions, pride – thick walls that build up over time and keep us from perceiving our inter-connectedness.

The thin spaces are those fleeting moments when all of that slips away and we glimpse, just for a moment, how close we all really are (or could be!).

Cheers to thin spaces!