“The gift of good process is that it allows people to be in learning together. The gift of content is that it gets work done. When you have these two together, you get good results.” 
-Toke Paludan Moller, Art of Hosting, Denmark

So true! How often do we skip process “to get work done?” And how often do we chit-chat to “get to know each other” and never really “get down to work?”

Process and content are intertwined. Only when we are addressing both in a balanced way will we produce good results. It’s really that simple.

We have content down cold – bring on the charts and graphs! What’s not simple is good process.

Process can’t be broken down into linear Excel spreadsheets so we ignore it or think that “chit chat” before the meeting is all we need.

Without the balance of process and content our results are skewed and our decisions aren’t as lasting.

We could probably create a graph for that!