Simon Sinek. He’s our “start with WHY” guy. We believe in his work, in his words and most importantly – him. The past two days we had the opportunity to hear him speak not once, but twice and have lunch with him. Needless to say, I am deeply grateful for that opportunity and also coming off what I’m calling the “Simon high.”

I won’t even begin to go into details about his keynote address. I wouldn’t do it justice. If you ever have an opportunity to seem him live – take it.

What I will say after hearing him speak is that he believes strongly in service. Simon has worked with the United States Marine Corps and talks about their deep belief in the Corps, in team, in each other, in protection and in service. He has traveled to Afghanistan and was profoundly changed by the experience. You can learn about it here:

After watching this, it occurred to me that the word “service” has an incredible range of meaning.  To me, service means helping someone.

Being kind.
Opening the door.
Bringing someone a cup of coffee.
Telling someone “nice work.”
Saying thank you.
Asking someone if they need help.
Asking a colleague how they’re doing.

For a marine, service means potentially giving your life.

It’s like service at infinity level.  So, when I go back and look at my list, I think – wow. That stuff is just not that hard. Everything I listed is frankly, just about being human.

Like Simon, I believe strongly that kindness and generosity will change the world. So, maybe, just maybe if we all start doing small things – it will.

What does service mean to you?