Picture yourself on one side of the subway tracks. This is your current reality. You’re waiting for the train – maybe it smells bad, maybe it’s crowded, maybe you’re tired. That’s the reality of this moment.

You find yourself imagining that on the other side of the platform is what you WISH it looked like. Over there, it smells fresh, there are a few beautiful people hanging about, nice music is playing and you’re sitting in a comfy massage chair. NOT the reality of this moment.

You’ve now officially decided that this current reality sucks and you’d rather be on the other side of the platform, but you’re stuck in this reality, but you want to be on that other side – back and forth you go until you’re pretty much just stuck on the tracks between what it really is and what you WISH it could be.

SPLAT. You just got hit by a train.

Mind the gap. Living between what’s really going on and what you WISH was going on is a dangerous place. It will waste your time and put your life at risk.