Remember the phrase if March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb? Well, March has come in like a lion for me and I’m HOPING it will go out like a lamb!

My father died suddenly on February 20 and for a month all has been a blur. I spent the weekend after my dad died in New York City meeting a new tribe of twenty hearty souls with whom I will share a ten-month (and beyond!) journey in the Good Life Project Immersion. I spent the second weekend in Omaha with family and friends at my dad’s funeral. The third week I was in San Francisco, balancing a work and vacation trip with my daughter and her best friend.

So in this month, I’ve been on both coasts and in the middle… experiencing the deep roots of family, discovering profound connections with a group of people I hadn’t met a month ago and knowing that I’m completely changed… but I’m not sure exactly how.

If that’s not in like a lion, I don’t know what is!

“Out like a lamb” looks like cocooning at home and “nesting.” Gently re-entering the work that I love and care deeply about and trying to stay curious (and patient!) about what has been set in motion.

I appreciate all who have been so patient and kind in my “lion” of a month.

Here’s to the flowers of spring!