I recently pulled a yellow legal pad off a shelf in my closet that had a bunch of scribbled notes from a meeting I attended more than three years ago.

Random? Probably not.

On it I found exactly the “crazy wisdom” I needed in that moment.

One of the notes I had scribbled on that yellow legal pad was about the “Three Faces of Compassion,” which are:

Fierce in the face of injustice

Tender in the presence of broken-ness

Mischief making in the presence of stuck-ness.

Good, huh? Especially mischief making … I love that. Rather than getting angry or banging our fists against the stuck-ness we see all around us, how about making a little mischief?

I once worked at a place that was the model of stuck-ness (and crankiness!) so a group of us banded together and called ourselves “The Gumbies” (because we were the only flexible people in the company). We loved to make mischief – like bringing doughnuts in in the morning and pretending the doughnut elf brought them.

We would launch “gumby attacks” and do WILD and CRAZY things like put happy face stickers on everyone’s computer screens before they came in in the morning. It’s funny to watch stuck people respond to mischief! Many try hard not to be amused but usually you can get a few people to crack just a bit of a smile. That’s good mischief!

Which faces of compassion are you using? Probably all of them – hopefully all of them!

Let’s be intentional about mischief-making though… the world needs it.

How will you be making mischief today?