We’re asked all the time, “What do you do”? I still struggle with giving that a definitive answer because what we do is different for every client.

Some of the things we’ve been asked to do:

  • Facilitate meetings

  • Develop strategic plans

  • Facilitate conversations to help an organization come to a decision

  • Facilitate board retreats

  • Train organizations on facilitation skills

  • Help organizations define their core values, their purpose.

  • Develop a leadership program

No matter what we’re asked to do:

  • We meet people where they are.

  • We connect people with each other.

  • We give people a safe space to have real conversation, because they do want to have real conversation.

One of the things I’ve learned in working with organizations is that within those organizations there are always individuals who are stuck. I’m not just talking stuck at work. People are stuck when they feel like their lives are out of balance. I know one of the things I’m good at is working with individuals and getting them to open up to me.

I am currently enrolled in a Leadership Coaching program called Co-Active Coaching. You can read all about it here:  http://www.thecoaches.com/why-cti/what-is-co-active. Bottom line, Co-Active Coaching addresses the whole person, not just the person at work. My role as a coach is not to “fix” someone because you’re not broken. It’s not to give someone the answers, it’s to help you uncover your own answers. Co-Active Coaching trains their coaches to help the other person uncover their strengths, their dreams, whatever that person is hoping to work on. We do it through a series of meetings, through powerful questions, through helping that person think about something differently. We help them get unstuck.

Which is what Elements Partnership is all about.

If you are interested in helping me practice these new skills I’m learning, please send me an e-mail or give me a call. I’m happy to offer your first session on the house. If it’s something you’re interested in continuing, we can talk about structure and fees. We believe that for any real change to happen it takes a minimum of three months so we’d structure it within that timeframe.  (Bonus: I’m not certified yet, so it’s a pretty reduced rate right now!)