As my daughter walked down the hall toward me, she immediately put some note cards in my hand. They had that cute little kid handwriting on them, so I quickly asked about them because who doesn’t love little kid handwriting? She replied, “We filled each other’s buckets today.” I was a little taken aback because they couldn’t possibly be doing what I thought that meant. When I asked her to tell me more she said, “Our teacher said that if someone was nice or did something that made you feel good you should let them know, so we take a notecard and write a note to the person and put it in their mailbox.”

Wow. An awesome lesson. An awesome teacher. An awesome moment for all those kids to have their buckets filled a little bit that day.

I’ve been thinking a lot about those note cards. Not just because I was having an uber-proud mommy moment! It really got me thinking about how often as grown-ups we miss those “bucket moments.” How often do you tell your colleagues thank you?

Thanks for making those copies.
Thanks for getting me that report so quickly.
Thanks for listening to me the other day.
Thanks for typing up those notes.

You get the point. We all need our buckets filled. Whether you’re eight, twenty-eight or forty-eight, it feels good to be told you’ve done something that made a difference to someone else. We all like to be acknowledged for our work. We like to know we’re appreciated and that what we do is important to the organization. We like to know that we’ve helped someone in some way. Let’s challenge each other – once a week, tell someone how they’ve made a difference. I promise you it will make them (and you!) feel good.

Something else I hope we have in common with eight-year olds? Recess. We all need recess. I’ll save that for another post.