I have a confession. I used to not be the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day. I used to think it was just another stupid holiday invented to make me feel guilty for not wanting to be a part of it and even more guilty for not having the time to participate. I used to feel that way, until a dear friend told me that it was an opportunity in the gray, bleak winter to tell those closest to you that you love them. A little sprinkle of sunshine. From that moment, Valentine’s Day didn’t seem so silly.

Valentine’s Day became even better when Sasha Dichter created Generosity Day. Generosity Day is also February 14th, but Generosity Day isn’t about just sharing the love with people you know. It’s about sharing the love. Period.

Generosity Day spoke so loudly to us at Element’s Partnership because at our very core, we believe in doing good for other people. For me personally, I realized that it was just a good excuse to do nice things for other people. You can find Generosity Day – St. Louis on Facebook. Join us! I hope to use it as a place to report good things in our community. And by “our” I mean everyone. Including YOU!

For us, Generosity Day isn’t really just a day. It’s a movement. It’s a choice to wake up every day and decide what you are going to contribute to the world. To your office. To your colleagues. To your family. To yourself. I guarantee that if you start putting more kindness out into the world, you will get more kindness back than you could have ever hoped for.

So, celebrate Generosity Day everyday. You’ll be glad you did.