This is Melvin… he has been aptly named ”Melvin the Relevant Elephant” by my ten-year-old daughter.

Melvin has big plans to accompany me to the meetings and workshops in which there are elephants in the room. This, by the way, would be VAST MAJORITY of the meetings and workshops I facilitate or attend!

My favorite “elephant” moment in the first meeting I took him to was when one of the participants said something and another participant promptly handed her the elephant.  SUCCESS! Not only were they naming the elephants, they were acknowledging when they were named – AND proudly acknowledging the person who named the elephant by handing her the elephant! Wow.

Interestingly, at the end of the meeting one of the biggest frustrations was that not enough elephants were named. They were all very certain that there were many more elephants in the room. Melvin is in good company!

I found it interesting that people are so hungry to name the elephants. I guess I wasn’t surprised that people knew they were there, but I was surprised by how eager people were to name those elephants. I believe it’s  part of our hunger for REAL conversations… tip-toeing around elephants takes a LONG time and it’s exhausting. Let’s stop tip-toeing!

Name the elephants – Melvin would be happy for the company!